Stand with Black Moms
risograph print, 11″ x 17″, 2020

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STAND WITH BLACK MOMS is a collaborative community bouquet organized by Aimee Gilmore and made from the loving support of artist-mothers, addressing the inequities of the motherhood economy, and racial disparities that create barriers for Black mothers.

The collaboration took place through the virtual space over the last six months, in which each artist-mother contributed their own flower. This collection of unique drawings and images is our gesture of support, love, and action.

Printed on archival paper, 11” x 17”, 100% of the proceeds of this print will benefit these organizations/spaces that commit to supporting Black mothers. Funds raised will be distributed equally between all four organizations.

Contributing artist-mothers include: Nakeya Brown, Christen Clifford, Sarah Dolan, Katy Donoghue, Chantal Fischzang, Gayle Friedman, Aimee Gilmore, Amy Hughes Braden, Katrina Majkut, Jillian M. Rock and Anne C. Smith.

The Stand With Black Moms Print was produced in the PES Print Studio. PES’ Story Lab partners with creatives and practitioners to develop printed matter that cultivates discourse around important social justice issues. We aim to promote artists whose work is oriented around social impact and create safe spaces for those artists and their audiences alike.